We are Rock N Roll Jewelry®, thee original purveyors of hand crafted music themed jewelry, apparel, and gear.  Since 1991. 

Reduce, Re-use, & Rock-N-Roll.

On a cool Minnesota evening in November of 1991, while out in the farm workshop, teenage inventor Peter Holmbeck at had an original idea.  As a guitarist, he had been saving up his old strings figuring he could eventually repurpose them.  Peter's father had a unique hobby of making jewelry from found farm items.  Having just learned how to braid from his dad, Peter figured he could braid his old bass guitar strings.  Thus thee original Basslet® was born. 

Going off to College, majoring in music, Peters "Guitar String Jewelry" was quite a hit with the musically inclined students.  In 1994 sales exploded when Peter’s rock band hit the road.  Peter says, "We were on the road doing like 6 or 7 gigs a week for three years straight.  It was crazy.  I sold more jewelry than our band sold CD's."  Adding a minor in business, Peter won his University’s prestigious ‘Music Performance Graduate of the Year’ award - all debit free thanks to his jewelry.    

Since then, Rock N Roll Jewelry has been traveling the world looking for the best music, musicians, and music lovers.  Because, “When ya look good, ya feel good.  And when ya feel good… ya play good.  Rock N Roll Jewelry.”

Rock N Roll Jewelry® is currently on tour including:

Music festivals such as; Alive Oh, Bonnaroo TN, Creation PA/WA, Cornerstone IL/FL/NC, Country Thunder WI, Fort Rock FL, Ichthus KY, Kingdom Bound NY, Lifelight ND, Lifest WI, Nelsonville OH, Riverbend TN, Rock Fest WI, Rockville FL, Sasquatch WA, Sonfest FL, Sonshine MN, Soulfest NH, Spirit Fest CA, Summerfest WI, Sweetwater 420 GA, and the national Vans Warped Tour.  

State Fairs such as; Arizona State Fair, Eastern States Exposition CT/MA/ME/NH/RI/VT, Florida State Fair, Iowa State Fair, Georgia National Fair, Minnesota State Fair, Oklahoma State Fair, Ohio State Fair, Texas State Fair, Tulsa State Fair, and the Wisconsin State Fair.  

And far too many craft and art shows to mention.