GuitarWrist™ Playable Pick Necklace

GuitarWrist™ Playable Pick Necklace

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Question:  What do you call a person that plays guitar?  Answer:  A guitarist.

Question:  What do you call a playable pick necklace?  Answer:  The GuitarWrist®.

Both a necklace that looks good, and a bracelet tethering your pick to your wrist so you'll never drop your pick again!

How does it work? Wrap the necklace around your strumming wrist.  Hold the pick in a playing position.  Then with your other hand cinch the bead up like a zipper securing it to your wrist.

Girls typically prefer the shorter necklaces from 16" to 22".  These sizes you wrap the cord around your wrist only once before cinching up. 

Boys typically prefer the longer necklaces from 20" to 28".  With these larger sizes you may need to wrap the cord around your wrist twice before cinching up.     

-Your choice of guitar pick

-Hot stamp engraving (8 characters max) that won't wear off

-Quality stainless steel jewelry findings

-Won't rust

-Nickel Free


Warranty: The necklace string may break from extended wear over time, and guitar picks rarely break.  If your product has broken we offer a free repair/restring service for the life of the product.  See our Support page to obtain a repair ticket.

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