Heavy Metal™ Basslet®

Heavy Metal™ Bass-let®

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Bass (as in guitar, not the fish) + bracelet = Bass-let®.  The Bead Basslet®.

Made from those little beads at the ends of your guitar and bass guitar strings!!! 

Since there is only one bead per string it would take the average player years to save up this many beads.  But then again, you've been playing for years right?

Show off how "long" you've been playing.

-.240" diameter stainless steel bass guitar string ball end ferrules

-.160" diameter guitar string ball end ferrules available in all of the D'Addario colors  

-Quality stainless steel jewelry findings

-Won't rust

-Nickel Free


Warranty: We upgraded the internal string in 2019 to never break.  If you purchased one before 2019 yours may break over time.  If your product has broken we offer a free repair/restring service for the life of the product.  See our Support page to obtain a repair ticket.